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Model ship kits at 1/700

1/700 waterline ship models for the Japanese heavy cruiser CA Maya from Aoshima.

1/700 model ship for the Japanese heavy cruiser CA Maya from Aoshima.


Model ship kits waterline series at 1/700 scale is a leading collection made by four Japanese manufactures. In this section, we collect information for all available model kits for historical warships. Although the main focus is the Imperial Japanese Navy also known as Combined Fleet, we will also collect information for the Kriegsmarine (already available), the Royal Navy and the US Navy. We also collect data for the model kits available for the JMSDF (Modern Japanese Navy).

The model kits scale are mainly 1/700 waterline series. But we also have a project to construct the entire Imperial Japanese Navy at 1/2000 scale. So we will include both scales in our reports. In future, we will also add models for larger scales such as 1/350 and 1/250. The addition and improvements of the model ships through Photo-Etched parts to the basic 1/700 models will also be one of the focus on these reports.

Imperial Japanese Navy at 1700 waterline series

Kriegsmarine at 1700 waterline series

Imperial Japanese Navy at 1/2000 scale


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