Mounted Map for The Unconditional Surrender: World War II in Europe GMT

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The Unconditional Surrender: world War II in Europe and its new mounted map


GMT has made available a two mounted maps set for the Unconditional Surrender: World War II in Europe wargame. This game is very interesting and I could purchase it as soon as it was available. The unique feature of this grand-strategy game is that it can be played the entire WW2 with low density of counters. It, therefore, allows the players to focus more on the strategy rather than spending time moving counters. Of course, it has also some drawbacks, because the game is indeed very competitive and requires to think carefully your movements. I analysed and reviewed some of the game dynamics and features some months ago. Here you can find the links to the pages:


Unconditional Surrender: World War II in Europe


The GMT is offering a mounted map now for the game. It can be purchased directly from the GMT website.

GMT is offering mounted maps for several of their most popular games as P500 items. These are regular 22 x 34 inch game maps, but mounted – same quality as our COIN Series, Twilight StruggleWashington’s War, Here I Stand, Sword of Rome, Wilderness War, and Paths of Glory reprints. The latest offer is two mounted map set for Unconditional Surrender.

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