New GMT Game: Next War India-Pakistan (Review & OOB Analysis) Part I

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Next War India-Pakistan (Review & OOB Analysis) Part I

This is my first Next War series game. There are three and one more is coming soon. The published ones include Korean War (2012), Taiwan (2014) and India-Pakistan (2015). I wanted to purchase all of three but this is not possible. First, because Korean war is sold out. And second because I did not have enough budget to purchase Taiwan and India-Pakistan games. Currently, I had to choose one and I finally selected India-Pakistan.


Next war: India-Pakistan opening the box

Next war: India-Pakistan opening the box


The components are basically what I would expect from a good manufacturer like GMT. The map, manuals and counters are very well-done. In particular, I find the map has many details and a good looking art work. The counters are also awesome. They have silhouettes for each different type of aircrafts and even helicopters. Moreover, the ground units have different colors according to the corps they belong too. This makes the planning easier and more interesting. There are annotations for each real unit and its hierarchical parent in terms of division/corps or brigade/corps. I really love this. The components are also promising and the Order of Battle very well presented and investigated. This makes me think that I really want to purchase the P500 of Korean war game and possibly Taiwan too!. I should have mentioned before but the fourth title that is coming is called Next War: Poland !. It would be an awesome scenario involving Russia and possibly NATO forces. But let’s come back to our current game which I have just bought!


As a first analysis I would like to discuss the Order of Battles that the game has. It is something I like to do in all games, because it allows me to be more embedded into the game later when I play it. Knowing your units, what is really behind each counter really helps me.

At first glace, it seems most of the corps of the Indian Army are included in the game, which some exceptions. But these exceptions are reasonable because we are focusing only in the Pakistan border so it would not be reasonable to move the entire available corps to that area even though it is a war situation.

The Indian Army and Air Force Counters

The Indian Army and Air Force Counters


In a previous post I analysed the OOB of the Indian Army. Now I have the opportunity to compare it with the GMT Next War India-Pakistan OOB.

There are five main commands plus one training command: Eastern Command, Northern Command, Southern Command, South Western Command, Western Command and Training Command. See the following geographical map to locate each main command area.


Deployment of main Command areas of the Indian Army

Deployment of main Command areas of the Indian Army

The details of the corps for each command are summarized below:

sphere Eastern Command Kolkata, West Bengal

23rd Infantry Division – Ranchi

III Corps – Dimapur, Nagaland
2nd Mountain Division – Dibrugarh
57th Mountain Division – Leimakhong
56th Mountain Division – Zakhama

IV Corps - Tezpur, Assam
71st Mountain Division – Missamari
5th Mountain Division – Bomdila
21st Mountain Division – Rangia

XXXIII Corps - Siliguri, West Bengal
17th Mountain Division – Gangtok
20th Mountain Division – Binnaguri
27th Mountain Division – Kalimpong

The Eastern Command located in West Bengal is not included in the game.  Therefore, the Corps III, IV and XXXIII are not part of our counters.

sphere Northern Command Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir

XIV Corps, headquartered at Leh, Jammu and Kashmir
3rd Infantry Division headquartered at Leh
8th Mountain Division headquartered at Dras

XV Corps, headquartered at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
19th Infantry Division headquartered at Baramulla,
28th Mountain Division headquartered at Gurez

XVI Corps, headquartered at Nagrota, Jammu and Kashmir
10th Infantry Division headquartered at Akhnoor
25th Infantry Division headquartered at Rajauri
39th Infantry Division headquartered at Yol
10 Artillery brigade

The Northern Command is quite represented in the game.The game OOB includes elements of  XIV Corps, in particular the 8th Mountain Division composed of brigades 70th, 102nd and 121st. The XV corps includes the 19th Inf. Div. and the 28th Mountain Div. Finally, the XVI Corps consists of the 10th, 25th and 39th Inf Div. The game also added the 16th Armoured Division for this corps. Therefore, the XVI Corps seems the strongest unit.


sphere Southern Command Pune, Maharashtra

41st Artillery Division, headquartered at Pune, Maharashtra

XII Corps, headquartered at Jodhpur, Rajasthan
4th Armoured Brigade
340th Mechanised Brigade
11th Infantry Division headquartered at Ahmedabad
12th Infantry Division (converting to RAPID) headquartered at Jodhpur

XXI Corps, headquartered at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
31st Armoured Division headquartered at Jhansi
36th RAPID Sagar
54th Infantry Division (India) headquartered at Hyderabad/Secunderabad
475th Engineering Brigade

The Southern Command is also perfectly included in the OOB game as follows: The XXI Corps is composed of the 31st Armoured Div., 36th Mechanised Division (RAPID), 54th Inf. Division. There is also a 41st Artillery unit.  The XII Corps consists of two Brigades 4th Armoured and 340th Mechanised, 11th Inf. Div and 12th Inf. Div. It fits perfectly with the real published OOB.

sphere South Western Command Jaipur, Rajasthan

42nd Artillery Division headquartered at Jaipur

I Corps, headquartered at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
4th Infantry Division headquartered at Allahabad
6th Mountain Division headquartered at Bareilly
33rd Armoured Division headquartered at Hisar Military Station

X Corps, headquartered at Bhatinda, Punjab
16th Infantry Division headquartered at Sri Ganganagar
18th RAPID at Kota
24th RAPID at Bikaner
6th Independent Armoured Brigade
615th Independent Air Defence Brigade
471st Engineering Brigade

The South Western Command is also perfectly represented in the game: The I Corps includes the 4th Inf. Div, the 6th Mountain Div. and the 33rd Armoured Division. Next, the X Corps also has the 16th Inf. Div, 18th and 24th Mechanised Div and the 6th Armoured bridage. 42nd Artillery unit is also included.


sphere Western Command Chandimandir, Haryana

40th Artillery Division headquartered at Ambala

II Corps, headquartered at Ambala, Haryana
1st Armoured Division headquartered at Patiala
14th RAPID at Dehradun
22nd Infantry Division headquartered at Meerut
474th Engineering Brigade
612th Mechanised Independent Air Defence Brigade

IX Corps, headquartered at Yol, Himachal Pradesh
26th Infantry Division headquartered at Jammu
29th Infantry Division headquartered at Pathankot
2nd Independent Armoured Brigade
3rd Independent Armoured Brigade

XI Corps, headquartered at Jalandhar, Punjab
7th Infantry Division headquartered at Firozpur
9th Infantry Division headquartered at Meerut
15th Infantry Division headquartered at Amritsar
23rd Armoured Brigade
55th Mechanised Brigade

The Western Command is included in the game as it is near Pakistan border. The II Corps has the 14th Mechanised (RAPID) bridage, 22nd Inf. Div, 1st Armoured Division. The IX Corps consists of the 26th, 29th Inf. divisions and 2nd and 3rd  Armoured Brigades. The XI Corps has the 7th Inf. Div, 9th Inf. Div, 15th Inf. Div and 23rd Armoured brigade and 55th Armoured Bridade. The 40th Artillery division is also included.

Overall, the work done by the designer regarding the OOB of the Indian Army is impressive. I will continue with the Indian Air Force units and Pakistan forces in the next posts! I can’t wait to play this !

In the following posts, I would also review the composition and main equipment of each division and brigade. For example, the T-90s Main Battle Tanks of the Indian Army.


sphere The analysis and review of the Indian Air Force is available here.

sphere Review of the Pakistan OOB (Ground forces)

sphere Review of the Pakistan Air Force 

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