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A new page for the Japanese light cruisers


I have been working in information related to the Japanese light cruisers which play key roles in the pacific war and joined most of the battles played by capital ships in supporting activities.

I detail here the names of the main cruiser-classes as well as the name of the individual ships that consisted each one.

In this page I will upload information related to individual ship. Currently, I have uploaded information related to the famous Yahagi cruiser. Although it joined late the war, by end of 1943, surprisingly participated in most of the battles before ending the war. In particular, it had the honor to joined the last mission of the battleship Yamato in her task to attack the invasion force of Okinawa. The timeline of the Yahagi cruiser can be found here.


Light Cruisers:


  • Tenryu-class Light Cruiser:
    Tenryu and Tatsuta
  • Oyodo-class Light Cruiser:
  • Agano-class Light Cruiser:
    Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa (Timeline for the cruiser Yahagi) (New)
  • Katori-class Light Cruiser:
    Katori, Kashima, Kashii
  • Yubari-class Light Cruiser:
  • Naka-class Light Cruiser:
    Sendai, Jintsu, Naka
  • Nagara-class Light Cruiser:
    Abukuma, Nagara, Natori, Kinu, Yura, Isuzu
  • Kuma-class Light Cruiser:
    Kuma, Tama, Kiso, Kitakami, Oi



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