New stealth long-range strike bomber USAF

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There was a long discussion since 2006 about the necessity of getting a new long-strike platform for the USAF. The old platforms such as B-1B, B-52H cannot have high survival ratio under advanced air defense systems and need a retirement. The B-2A is still good plane but there are not many of them. Only 21 and few operational at the same time.

The strict budget in 2010 made that the plans were delayed. However, in 2015 the debate has emerged again. In particular, the Northrop Grumman has submitted some designs on 4th September 2015 and a final decision will be coming in October. The first units would be constructed as manned crafts. This was a big debate point, whether the long-strike plan should be manned or unmanned. However, it seems that both versions may be available because the unmanned craft can also be constructed by Northrop Grumman. Because the new designs are somewhat more detailed than previous stages, it may be possible that this type the new USAF long-strike stealth aircraft can be a reality.



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