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New Wargame: The Battle of France 1940


This new wargame entitled “France’40 Sickle Cut” reminds me The Blitzkrieg Legend but I should buy it to be sure. Anyway, it looks very interesting if you don’t mind to learn Japanese first to play it :)


In fact, The Blitzkrieg Legend and Reluctant Enemies are my favorites games from MMP.


This new game of Battle of France has an incredible good quality set of counters. As you can see, there are different silhouettes for each type of tank. Wonderful work. It costs around 3600 yen, approximately 36 US dollars.

Here I write down the original webpage:


I’m not completely sure yet, because I have not bought the game, but as someone pointed out, this France ’40 Sickle Cut seems to be a version of the France ’40 designed by Mark Simonitch and published by GMT in 2013. The game had two separate games the Sickle Cut and Dynamo. The Japanese game I introduced I think focuses on the first one only, which covers the decisive week in May 1940 when the Panzer divisions broke the French line on the Meuse and drove fast to the sea at Abbeville. Should the Germans cross the Meuse in front of strong opposition? If they succeed, will they also succeed to break out from the bridgeheads and advance across the map while threatened by Allied reinforcements coming fast from the north and south?


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