On adding new counters to the Empire of the Sun game

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I have analysed the possibility to add a few independent counters to the game Empire of the Sun, 2nd edition, and the results of my study are posted in the following page. I would like to test the counters in game, and they are only for increasing the historical (personal) flavor in the game. but the study of served me to understand which real vessel is behind the abstraction of the counter. I think this will also help to embed players into the simulation and enjoy the game much more.

sphere Opening my own box of the Empire of the sun 2nd Edition

sphere Adding new real units to the Empire of the sun 2nd Edition

Other links to the EoTS at Remorika we site are:

sphere The Scope of EoTS

sphere Combined Fleet (CV) KB

sphere Combined Fleet (CVL) Kido Butai

sphere Combined Fleet (CVL 2) Kido Butai

sphere The 2nd edition of the Empire of the Sun game



▽Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)


sphere The organization of the JMSDF



sphere The Regional District Forces



sphere Helicopter Destroyers DDH



sphere Guided Missile destroyers DDG



sphere Destroyers DD



sphere Tank Landing Ships LST



sphere Submarines SS



sphere Support and Auxiliary ships



sphere The aviation of the JMSDF



sphere Naval landing forces of the JMSDF



sphere Future projects of the JMSDF



sphere The strategy of the JMSDF



sphere News & manoeuvres


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: European Theater


sphere Unconditional Surrender



sphere The Supreme commander


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