Pacific War (2nd Edition)

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I was looking information about Pacific War game as well as related games when I found that Pacific War game is going to be released as 2nd Edition by NUTS company!. Great News!. I will definitely purchase this game, even though it may be hard to play the entire campaign in feasible time with my current busy schedule at work. However, the 1st Edition (see below)  is a master piece of wargames and we should have it in our collection.

Here it is the link of NUTS company that announces the upcoming release of the Pacific War 2nd Edition designed by Mark Herman.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure that it has many mechanistic improvements as well as graphical details that have been enhanced such as the map and counters.

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    1. Hi Dean,
      I’m also looking forward for this release, and I have the impression it is likely to be within 2015, but I’m not completely sure either.
      Anyway, I hope we can enjoy it by at least winter holidays :)

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