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Results Poll on grand strategy Pacific War games




Three weeks ago, we conducted a large-scale poll on grand strategy Pacific War games. After 185 votes, we think we could review the results, which are certainly very interesting.

In the categories of “which games do you have” and “which game is your favorite“, there is two clear winners. First, we have the War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition (WitP:AE) which literally rolled over the poll in both categories with a support of 40% and 51% respectively. It is interesting that this game is a PC based strategy game, which indicates that players are still willing to play grand strategy games using PC when the game is enough good and the AI is acceptable.

However, Mark Herman, designer of Pacific War (VG) and Empire of the Sun (GMT) is also clear winner. Both games have a strong support from players. A 23% players have Pacific War and a 20% own Empire of the Sun. The latter is the second most favorite game (22%) after WitP:AE (51%).

Regarding which features are important for players when playing Pacific War grand strategy games, the players think that the inclusion of tactical or operational details such as carrier air group operations is a crucial feature. This feature received a strong support with up to 62% of players. That the game can be played in reasonable space and time scored second position with 27% of support.

Most of players had the game setup but could not play it many times (52%). The main reason was lack of time (59%) but also complex mechanistic rules that prevented them to enjoy the strategy thinking (18%).

We hope designers and players can benefit from this data for developing and enjoying future games.




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