Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905)

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Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

After a weapon race, several events led to the Russo-Japanese War. At the Battle of Tsushima, Admiral Togo (flag in Mikasa) led the Japanese Combined Fleet into the decisive engagement of the war.The Russian fleet was almost completely annihilated: out of 38 Russian ships, 21 were sunk, seven captured, six disarmed, 4,545 Russian servicemen died and 6,106 were taken prisoner. On the other hand, the Japanese only lost 116 men and three torpedo boats.The victory at Tsushima elevated the stature of the navy and international respect to the Japanese Navy and Japan as a new power.

During the Russo-Japanese war, Japan also made frantic efforts to develop and construct a fleet of submarines. Submarines had only recently become operational military engines, and were considered to be special weapons of considerable potential. Naval losses for the Japanese Navy during the war amounted to two battleships, four cruisers, one armored cruiser, seven destroyers, and at least 10 torpedo boats; the majority of them were lost due to hitting Russian mines.

One of the books and guides, I have read on the Russo-Japanese War and the battleships used by both sides. It is an excellent source of information and illustrations for this conflict: Russian Battleship vs Japanese Battleship: Yellow Sea 1904-05 (Duel) Paperback – February 17, 2009.

For those interested in the ground forces, this guide on the uniforms is very useful to visualize the colors and patterns that were used for each side: The Russo-Japanese War 1904-05 (Men-at-Arms) Paperback – July 25, 2004.

Illustration of the Russo-Japanese War: Our Armed Forces Occupy Chongju” by

Illustration of the Russo-Japanese War: Our Armed Forces Occupy Chongju” by

The Imperial Japanese Navy acquired its first submarines in 1905 from Electric Boat Company, barely four years after the U.S. Navy had commissioned its own first submarine, USS Holland.


sphere The battle cruiser Izumo (Izumo battleship)

sphere The Japanese battleship Mikasa

The entire Russian-Japanese war and the campaigns are very well described in this book written by Mark Stille and assisted with illustrations from Paul Wright: The Imperial Japanese Navy of the Russo-Japanese War (New Vanguard).

But perhaps the book that has more information of all involved ships and analyses in more detail technical aspects of the Russo-Japanese Naval War, with tons of maps, photos and large illustrations of the vessels in one from Piotr Oldender: Russo-Japanese Naval War 1905, Vol. 1 (Maritime Series) Paperback (2009).

In addition, an excellent book on the Russian Navy can be found here:



▽ Imperial Japanese Navy – Nihon Kaigun


sphere Nihon Kaigun organization



sphere Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy 



sphere Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Heavy Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Light Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Auxiliary Ships



sphere The Time Line of ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Naval Air Groups



sphere Naval Landing Forces 1928-1945



sphere Secret Weapons of the IJN



sphere Strategic Plans of the IJN


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: Pacific Theater


sphere War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition



sphere The Empire of the Sun (2nd Ed.)



sphere Pacific War



sphere Pacific War (2nd Ed.)

▽Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)


sphere The organization of the JMSDF



sphere The Regional District Forces



sphere Helicopter Destroyers DDH



sphere Guided Missile destroyers DDG



sphere Destroyers DD



sphere Tank Landing Ships LST



sphere Submarines SS



sphere Support and Auxiliary ships



sphere The aviation of the JMSDF



sphere Naval landing forces of the JMSDF



sphere Future projects of the JMSDF



sphere The strategy of the JMSDF



sphere News & manoeuvres


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: European Theater


sphere Unconditional Surrender



sphere The Supreme commander


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