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There is a lot of more information and concepts to discuss about SC and I would like to do so in future updates but at the present moment I would like to summarize those points of SC that really interest me.

1) The units can be decomposed into corps. The armies can accept up to three levels of damage, so that each time only one corps is eliminated.

2) Each corps has its own identification number, which resembles historical names.

3) Each Army can be re-build by using a table that indicates the type of corps necessary to be purchased.

4) It has an economy system that encourages you to conquest countries and get their resources in terms of MSP (Military Spending Points). Using these points you can reconstruct your Armies and units.

5) The game has also an interesting Technology system that allows us to invest MSPs to improve the quality of the units. The technology modified is introduced in the combat system by adding some scores to the total attackers force strength.

6) Air Force Battles and Ground support is quite realistic. It might take longer time to play it compared with USE but it is interesting see how the fighter escort really plays a role facing enemy fighters and how the surviving bombers still have to face flak units before reaching to a strategic objective such as MSP location or ground enemy unit to support a ground attack.

7) Diving the sea in zones helps to manage units. Indeed, hexes are not the right length unit for naval units in a game where each turn is one and half months. The way that the surface combat is played is interesting and realistic too. I’m also glad that we can have surface vs. submarine combat in the strategic phase.

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