South Pacific: a new Empire of the Sun strategy game

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South Pacific: a new Empire of the Sun based strategy game


New Standalone "South Pacific" based on the Empire of the Sun wargame.

New Standalone “South Pacific” based on the Empire of the Sun wargame.


The new issue of the great wargame magazine C3i Nr 30 led by Rodger B. MacGowan brings a little jewel in the form of a new Mark Herman’s wargame creation. This time it is a standalone game called “South Pacific”, which is based on the original strategic game Empire of The Sun. The Empire of the Sun is a blast strategic game that covers the entire Pacific War from 1941 to 1945. For those that like more operation or tactical games, the Pacific War by the same designer might be also interesting. However, if you want to cover the entire Pacific War, and you are also interested in playing it in solitaire mode, the Empire of the Sun may be more suitable. It is card driven game, but it is always exciting and until the last turn the situation may change drastically. This game is not operational or tactical game. It is a strategic game in which the cards allow you to design and perform military campaigns and operations at an strategic level. Therefore, and naturally, the details of the combats are properly abstracted.

However, even the Empire of the Sun is more feasible than the Pacific War for the entire campaign, it also takes time to complete and when you are learning the game it might be better to play a smaller scenario. This is where the new C3i magazine issue Nr.30 brings a solution. The designer has made a new scenario, which is standalone and the magazine gives you the counters, maps and instructions to play it. It covers the actions during 1942-1943 during the south pacific. It is really a must if you like Pacific War games and Empire of the Sun in particular. Empire of the Sun got a second edition last year and it has also the Plan Orange, another game that covers hypothetical actions in 1930s using simular rules. Hope you have a nice time playing it!


In addition, the same issue also brings more games and articles. Indeed, issue 30 is also packed full of articles on over a dozen games, including a series analysis on the COIN (Counter-Insurgency) genre of wargames by acclaimed designer Volko Ruhnke. Mark Herman returns with another installment of Clio’s Corner on how to qualify “victory.” Harold Buchanan presents his two-player scenario and strategy guide for “Liberty or Death”, along with a map display. Also included are counters to expand your gaming experience for a number of titles published by GMT Games, including a new scenario for “Alexander” (Battle of the Hellespont), “Wing Leader,” “Operation Dauntless” and “Won by the Sword.”


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