Submarines Soryu-class: Soryu, Unryu, Hakuryu, Kenryu, Zuiryu, Kokuryu and Jinryu

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Information and illustrations/ photographies of the current seven commissioned submarines of the Soryu-class (Soryu, Unryu, Hakuryu, Kenryu, Zuiryu, Kokuryu and Jinryu) has been collected and upload in remorika website. They can be found at the page of the submarines of the JMSDF.

More details of the Soryu-class submarines can be found here too. The Soryu-class consists of 7 submarines SS-501, SS-502, SS-503, SS-504, SS-505, SS-506, and SS-507. Another 4 submarines are under different stages of construction SS-508, which is expected to be launched in October 2015, the SS-509, SS-510 and the SS-511. The SS-509 was laid out on October 2013 and it is expected to be commissioned in March 2018.

The Soryu-class submarines is one of the most advances submarine classes that operates with diesel-electric engines. They have been popular recently because several countries are interested in purchasing them, including the Australian Navy. Japan has not been sold weapons for the last 70 years so it would be an historical event in the case that finally they finalize the operation.

sphere JS Sōryū SS-501
sphere JS Unryū SS-502
sphere JS Hakuryū SS-503
sphere JS Kenryū SS-504
sphere JS Zuiryū SS-505
sphere JS Kokuryū SS-506
sphere JS Jinryu SS-507
sphere JS unknown SS-508

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