HoI4 BICE Graphics Art Gallery Sprites

HoI4 BICE: Night Battle of Pozan

HoI4 BICE Graphics Art Gallery Sprites     Hearts of Iron 4 BICE can be Holy Grail on Wargames? When searching the Holy Grail of Grand Strategy World War II games, you can find very interesting boardgames but also a few computer games that contains lots of details on the conflict. This is the case […]

HoI4 Japan 1936 Asian Geopolitical analysis


HoI4 Japan 1936 Asia Geopolitical analysis   In HoI4, January 1936, Japan starts with two allied nations (puppet states), namely Kingdom of Mengjiang and Empire (unity 70%) of Manchukuo (unity 60%) They conform the Co-prosperity sphere (daitoa kyoeiken). The leaders are Prince Demchugdongrub and Emperor Puyi, respectively. The first one has “spirit of Genghis Khan” […]