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Yamato Battleship : Timeline and new revamped photo

IJN Yamato battleship during speed trials in a revamped photography.

IJN Yamato Battleship: Data, revamped photography and exhaustive Timeline with photos   In this post we organize and make it available all the information we have on the Battleship Yamato, including also her twin the Battleship Musashi. These two battleships formt he Yamato-class battleship. A third vessel was also designed and semi-constructed but was later […]

A new page for the the Yamato-class battleships 大和型戦艦 (Yamato and Musashi battleships)

I uploaded a new page for the the Yamato-class battleships 大和型戦艦  that includes the Yamato Battleship and the Musashi Battleship. The information can be found here. The page includes information about the construction, successive modifications and major operations in which the ship was involved. The images also represents the original ship in those days. I […]