rengo kantai、 連合艦隊

Light Cruiser Tenryu Timeline

The light cruiser Tenryu warship was one of the units corresponding to the Tenryu-class light cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was initially designed and planned to operate as flagships for destroyer flotillas and participated in many operations during the Pacific War. She was also involved in patrolling and combat operations during the Sino-Japanese war. […]

New page for the Kongō-class battlecruiser (金剛型巡洋戦艦 Kongō-gata jun’yōsenkan)

A new page for the The Kongō-class battlecruiser (金剛型巡洋戦艦 Kongō-gata jun’yōsenkan) is shown here. The page includes information about the construction, successive modifications and major operations in which the ship was involved. The images also represents the original ship in those days. I also try to compare the ship characteristics with the counters statistics provided […]