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IJN Myoko-class cruisers

1/700 model ship for the Japanese heavy cruiser CA Myoko from Hasegawa.

Updated IJN Myoko-class cruisers page   We fixed links and added new information for the cruisers Myoko and Nachi that belongs to the IJN Heavy Cruiser Myoko-class. The class was composed of four vessels, the Myōkō, Ashigara, Haguro and Nachi cruisers. After adding a bit more information related to the Myoko-class, we will proceed completing the light cruisers fleet […]

Asbestosis and mesothelioma in the navy: The I-400 ?

Scientific evidences were linked mesothelioma with asbestosis in the navy vessels until this material was finally banned from vessel and even building construction during the 1970s. however, from 1930s, many vessels were constructed with this material in many key rooms and facilities. Large quantities of the mesothelioma-causing mineral were therefore present in many different rooms such as […]