The Great East Asian War: a new Wargame

The Great East Asian War

A new boardgame on The Great East Asian War  大東亜戦争   I have recently acquired a Japanese wargame entitled “The Great East Asian War”. The system of the game is a kind of hybrid between Paths of Glory and Empire of the Sun. In particular, the cards resemble the concepts introduced by the EoTS.   […]

Grogheads Readers Award Winners

Empire of the sun_2nd edition boardgame wargame

The prestigious website and gamers community GrogHeads has released the readers choice awards for the overall 2015 in both Digital game and tabletop games categories. There are some awards I would like to focus on more detail. The first is the GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Overall 2015 Digital Game of the Year. The selected game is Decisive Campaigns […]

Pacific War

Probably, the greatest game on the entire pacific theater is Pacific War designed by Mark Herman. I have enjoyed a lot each time I played scenarios and campaigns because it is extremely realistic and detailed. The game was published in 1985, and I think I bought it in 1995. Unfortunately, I could never play the […]