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Takom Model Kit Collection 1/35 German Tanks



Takom is a Chinese model kit maker that is positively surprising me not only because the quality of the new models they are producing but also because the originality of the designs they are choosing. They are producing very interesting models of tanks and equipment that probably were less known by public but very interesting from a historical flavor view point.

Here I have selected some of the recent tank and equipment models at 1/35 available from Takom. Please also note the quality of the box art, specially regarding tanks.


1:35 WWII German 12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling


Takom 1/35 Krupp 420MM Big Bertha German Empire



1:35 King Tiger Sd.Kfz.182 Henschel Turret Without Zimmerit



1/35 Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Henschel Turret w/Zimmerit and interior [Pz.Abt.505 special edition]



1:35 King Tiger Sd.Kfz.182 Henschel Turret w/ Zimmerit Full Interior


Regarding secret weapons of Germany during WW2, Takom is also making a unique work by producing accurate models of the super-heavy tank Maus and creating accessories and equipment for the late war flying bombs V2.


1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V2


1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V1



Takom 1/35 V-2 Rocket Transporter/Erector Meillerwagen + Hanomag SS100

Takom 1/35 WWII German Single Stage Ballistic Missile V-2

V2 at 1/35 from Takom

V2 at 1/35 from Takom


The following mine cleaning vehicle is also very interesting and unique:


1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Mine Cleaning Vehicle Krupp Raumer S


Takom WWII Skoda PA-11 Turtle Model Kit



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