The Battle of the Coral Sea (I)

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I start with the Battle of the Coral sea. The set up with the Japanese side is as follows:

South: The Japanese have 6 submarines at south of Espiritu Santo Islands. They should prevent American Task Forces to penetrate the perimeter and the area that leads to Port Moresby, but in fact, the American TFs were already inside when they arrive. My strategy is quickly retreat them and move them to the center to intercept American TFs.

Center: The situation in the center is as follows: Port Moresby is the target. Naval force with transports will leave Rabaul to invade Port Moresby. Shorlands base will contribute with the CVL Shoho task force to provide air cover. Lae has one squadron of 27 zeros and Rabaul one squadron of 27 zeros and a similar number of GM3 Nell land base bombers among other recon units.

North: The main task force with CVs Zuikaku and Shokaku navigate south to face American Forces. According to the simulation they join battle late.

The composition of the task force is:


The CV Shokaku and CV Zuikaku were the most modern carriers of the IJN at that time. Note the high speed of the ships.


CVL Shoko is small and almost obsolete unit. It can be used to provide air cover but mostly it will act as decay, to reveal American positions. I set the reaction time to 0 of both the ship and the air groups. By doing so, the air groups will not launch an attack even though they detect american carriers.

This has good point because it tries to conceal the position, but the bad point is that in case of being discovered and attacked, they might not launch a counter-attack.

Rabaul Air units.

Note that the battle started on 4 May 1942, and I was playing the simulation of 4 May 2015! :)

I really recommend this game if you are an enthusiast of the pacific war theater and wargames in general!

Gary Grigsby’s War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition

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