The Battle of the Coral Sea (VI) War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition

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Here, I attach the final three chapters of the Battle of the Coral Sea, played with War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition

It is intruing that the troops take several days to disembark in Port Moresby. To be precise, I think the troops did it quickly but still there are many supplies inside the ships. I then heasitate to retreat the ships to Rabaul, but they are permanently under fire by difficult decision.

I have the impression that both American carriers were sunk. Only Yorktown was reported as sunk but Probably the Lexington was too.


Here is the final video were the results are announced. It was declared draw (as historically it was).

I will analyse the game and the results later but as soon as possible. I think that watching your our games helps a lot to understand the game dynamics, sequence and mechanics. Hope it helps all of you too.

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