The Great East Asian War: a new Wargame

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A new boardgame on The Great East Asian War  大東亜戦争


I have recently acquired a Japanese wargame entitled “The Great East Asian War”. The system of the game is a kind of hybrid between Paths of Glory and Empire of the Sun. In particular, the cards resemble the concepts introduced by the EoTS.

 The Great East Asian War

The map of The Great East Asian War


However, the map itself, is very different since it does not use the hexagons. Instead, key locations and bases are highlighted and lines connecting them allow the movement.

 The Great East Asian War

The Counters of The Great East Asian War

The counters are nicely elaborated and well-done. They also resemble the EoTS, but each ship name is written on the counter when the unit represents two vessels. This is a very nice feature.

 The Great East Asian War

The cards of The Great East Asian War


There is no translation to English for the rules yet, but it is a matter of time. Someone pointed out that it may also be published by MMP in English, currently under testing according this news:


A recent book that has been published on 29 March 2016 is the following “The Desperate Diplomat: Saburo Kurusu’s Memoir of the Weeks before Pearl Harbor“. Although the Pearl Harbor attack has been studied from different angles, the information to the diplomat that led the negotiations for the Empire of Japan has been unavailable to most of the world. By translating to English the Kurusu’s own memoir, his story can finally be told to a broader audience.


The editors Clifford and Okura have used both the Japanese and English memoirs and added an introduction and annotations to Kurusu’s story, making The Desperate Diplomat an essential look at an event that remains controversial in the history of both nations. A reading of this book can add a lot of flavor before starting the game and why not, may change strategic concepts!

The original game can be found here:

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