The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo

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The Miracle of Dunkirk: The True Story of Operation Dynamo


Dunkirk operation

Dunkirk operation inspired best seller

This is a new book on the Operation Dynamo, which was the largest retreat operation done by Allies during World War 2. This battle is becoming more popular nowadays because of the next coming film entitled “Dunkirk”. This is a 2017 English-language war film written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Nolan.

In May 1940, the remnants of the French and British armies, broken by Hitler’s blitzkrieg, retreated to Dunkirk. Hemmed in by overwhelming Nazi strength, the 338,000 men gathered on the beach were all that stood between Hitler and Western Europe. Crush them, and the path to Paris and London was clear.

Unable to retreat any farther, the Allied soldiers set up defense positions and prayed for deliverance. Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered an evacuation on May 26, expecting to save no more than a handful of his men. But Britain would not let its soldiers down. Hundreds of fishing boats, pleasure yachts, and commercial vessels streamed into the Channel to back up the Royal Navy, and in a week nearly the entire army was ferried safely back to England.

In this book, Walter Lord is inspired by interviews with hundreds of survivors to write The Miracle of Dunkirk. This  is a striking history of a week when the outcome of World War II hung in the balance (Arthur Schlesinger Jr.).


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