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One of the interesting aspects of this game is the large number of scenarios that can be played. It means that even though it is a grand strategy game, it has enough flexibility to be played using short scenarios. This allows you to have:

-Better understanding of the game dynamics by playing few counters scenario.
-Playing a short scenario also requires a smaller map, which allows you to deploy it in any place at home without worrying to conquer an entire room
-It also requires you less time to play and finish the scenario.
-Historically, it adds a new perspective because it allows you to focus and concentrate in an specific period of the war using the same rules you have learnt for the grand campaing.

Some scenarios are two faction but some of them also allows you three factions:

Two faction (the length of the scenario is indicated between parentheses)
1) Poland 1939 (1 turn)
2) Scandinavia 1940 (2 turns)
3) France 1940 (5 turns)
4) Balkans 1941 (2 turns)
5) Mediterranean 1940-1942 (29 turns)
6) French North Africa 1942-1943 (7 turns)
7) France 1944 (4 turns)
8) USSR 1941 (8 turns)
9) USSR 1941-1944 (42 turns)
10) Soviet vs. Western 1945-1946

Three factions:
1)Main event 1939-194?
2)Europe 1941-1945
3)Europe 1942-1945
4)Europe 1943-1945
5)Europe 1944-1945
6)Germany 1945

A rich variety to enjoy this game and learn from History!


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