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Based on the number of quality of the vessels, we can conclude that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) is a highly qualified navy, although it is still the smallest of Japan’s military areas, including ground and air forces. the main competitor is asia seems to be China if we look at the constant naval rearmament program of China, which is gradually shifting the asia maritime balance in China’s side.

Several reports indicate that From a military perspective, Japan is slowly becoming the weaker party in the Sino-Japanese rivalry. This was stated by the Naval War College professor Toshi Yoshihara, in a 2014 report conducted by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Japan is in the middle of tension forces between China’s latent military prowess that backs up Chinese coercion over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute and China’s ability to disrupt access to the global commons should conventional deterrence fail,” he further states.

While China’s share of regional military expenditure increased from 28 percent in 2010 to 38 percent in 2014 totaling $129.4 billion, in Japan regional share of expenditure decreased from 20 percent in 2010 to less than 14 percent in 2014 with a defense budget of $47.7 billion.

Several plans are discussed by analysts such as anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy. For example, an A2/AD operational concept with Japanese characteristics would take into account Japan’s role as a gatekeeper to the open waters of the Pacific. According to the analysts, this might give Japan’s maritime geographical advantage over China by appropriately deploying the JMSDF along the Ryukyu Islands chain.


▽ Imperial Japanese Navy – Nihon Kaigun


sphere Nihon Kaigun organization



sphere Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy 



sphere Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Heavy Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Light Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Auxiliary Ships



sphere The Time Line of ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Naval Air Groups



sphere Naval Landing Forces 1928-1945



sphere Secret Weapons of the IJN



sphere Strategic Plans of the IJN


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: Pacific Theater


sphere War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition



sphere The Empire of the Sun (2nd Ed.)



sphere Pacific War



sphere Pacific War (2nd Ed.)

▽Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)


sphere The organization of the JMSDF



sphere The Regional District Forces



sphere Helicopter Destroyers DDH



sphere Guided Missile destroyers DDG



sphere Destroyers DD



sphere Tank Landing Ships LST



sphere Submarines SS



sphere Support and Auxiliary ships



sphere The aviation of the JMSDF



sphere Naval landing forces of the JMSDF



sphere Future projects of the JMSDF



sphere The strategy of the JMSDF



sphere News & manoeuvres


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: European Theater


sphere Unconditional Surrender



sphere The Supreme commander


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