The timeline of the Battleship Yamashiro

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The Timeline of the Battleship Yamashiro


The Battleship Yamashiro was a veteran of the first world war (WWI) and did not participate in many operations during the second world war (WWII). It was more involved in supporting operations, including transport of troops, and training.

However, by the end of the pacific war, in 1944, it participated in the Battle of the Surigao Strait. This night battle was famous and Yamashiro fought very bravely in spite of facing superior forces. One of the characteristics that always impressed me about this ship, it is the tall pagada structure of the main tower. It gives her a unique and impressive profile, a feature shared by her twin Fuso Battleship.

In the timeline I posted below, you can enjoy reading at your own pace, in a more friendly and visual environment, the history of this brave Yamashiro battleship.


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