The timeline of the Japanese Battleship Yamato 大和戦艦

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The timeline of the Japanese Battleship Yamato 大和戦艦

By using timeline technologies, we can represent visually, and highlight more effectively, the historical events that occurred on a particular warship. The system allows us to integrate not only text with the main narrations of the facts, but also pictures and possibly sounds that can help to immerse the reader deeply in the history.

Below you can find the entire Timeline of the Japanese Battleship Yamato. We plan to continue adding new ships timeline in the near future.
We hope that you can enjoy reading it and have a pleasant feeling understanding the historical conditions that led to its construction as well as its final fate.

As the Pacific War approached a crescendo, the clashes between swarming US Navy carrier aircraft, and the gigantic Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Yamato-class battleships became symbolic of the fortunes of the two nations. They also served as a metaphor for the profound changes in naval technology and doctrine that the war had brought about. The two opposing forces were the most powerful of their kind – the Japanese Yamato and Musashi were the biggest most heavily armored and armed battleships ever built, while US carrier aviation had evolved into a well-oiled, war-winning machine. With detailed analysis of the technical features of the opposing war machines and a gripping account of the fighting itself, this vividly illustrated work presents views from the cockpits of US Navy Divebombers, and down the sights of IJN anti-aircraft guns, during two of the most dramatic naval engagements ever fought. After proving at Pearl Harbor that even the mightiest battleships were vulnerable to air attack, the Japanese would be forced to re-learn the lesson as the American Helldiver and Avenger bomber crews battered and eventually sunk the last remaining jewels of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Never again would a surface fleet be the dominant power at sea.

Timeline of the Battleship Yamato (TROM)

A young ensign on the bridge of the fabled battleship Yamato during her final battle, recounts his experience.

This is a a 44-page saddle-stitch paperback with color interior, 17 full-page photographs, and two beautiful profile drawings of the Japanese Navy’s YAMATO, the biggest battleship ever constructed. What makes this book unique is that it answers the question in the subtitle–why YAMATO matters today–with an examination of the lessons that YAMATO holds for modern navies. A must for anyone interested in YAMATO, naval affairs, or battleships.

NOVA: Sinking the Supership, the true story of the WWII battleship Yamato (DVD).

▽ Imperial Japanese Navy – Nihon Kaigun


organization of the imperial japanese navy

Nihon Kaigun organization
The structure and history of the
Imperial Japanese Navy



aircraft carriers of the imperial japanese navy

Aircraft Carriers
The battle and light aircraft carriers
of the Imperial Japanese Navy



battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy

The Battleships and Battlecruisers of
the Imperial Japanese Navy



heavy cruisers of the imperial japanese navy

Heavy Cruisers
The heavy cruisers of the
Imperial Japanese Navy



light cruisers of the imperial japanese navy

Light Cruisers
The light cruisers
of the Imperial Japanese Navy



destroyers of the imperial japanese navy

The destroyers squadrons of the
Imperial Japanese Navy



submarines of the imperial japanese navy

The submarines fleet
of the Imperial Japanese Navy



auxiliary ships of the imperial japanese navy

Auxiliary Ships
The training, hospital, and other
auxiliary ships in the IJN



timeline of the japanese imperial navy warships

The TimeLine of ships
The design and operations
timeline records of the IJN warships



japanese land-based air groups

Naval Air Groups
The Land-Based Japanese
Navy Air-Groups



Japanese navy landing forces

Naval Landing Forces 1928-1945
Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF),
Landing Forces (SNLF) 海軍特別陸戦隊



japanese secret weapons and technologies

Secret Weapons of the IJN
The secret weapons and teachnologies
of the Imperial Japanese Navy



strategic plans and doctrines of the IJN

Strategic Plans of the IJN
The strategic doctrines and
plans of the IJN

▽ List of Ships: Imperial Japanese Navy – Nihon Kaigun


sphere Carriers

sphere Light carrier Hōshō “Phoenix in Flight”

sphere Carrier Akagi “Red Castle”

sphere Carrier Kaga, named after the former Kaga Province in present-day Ishikawa Prefecture.

sphere Carrier Shōkaku “Soaring Crane”

sphere Carrier Zuikaku  “Auspicious Crane”

sphere Carrier Hiryu  “Flying Dragon”

sphere Carrier Soryu “Blue Dragon”

sphere Light Carrier Zuiho  “Auspicious Phoenix” or “Fortunate Phoenix

sphere Light Carrier Shoho  “Auspicious Phoenix” or “Happy Phoenix”

sphere Light Carrier Ryujo  “Dragon Horse”

sphere Light Carrier Taiyo “Goshawk”)

sphere Battleships

sphere Battleship Fuso  (Fusō-class)

sphere Battleship Yamashiro (Mountain castle) ( Fusō-class)

sphere Battleship Nagato (named for Nagato Province) (Nagato-class)

sphere Battleship Mutsu named after an province in Fukushima area) (Nagato-class)

sphere Battlecruiser Kongo (Kongo-class)

sphere Battlecruiser Hiei (Kongo-class)

sphere Battlecruiser Kirishima (Kongo-class)

sphere Battlecruiser Haruna ( Kongo-class)

sphere Battleship Ise (Ise-class)

sphere Battleship Hyuga (Ise-class)

sphere Battleship Yamato (Yamato-class)

sphere Battleship Mushashi (Yamato-class)

sphere Heavy Cruisers

sphere Tone-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Tone
sphere Heavy Cruiser Chikuma

sphere Mogami-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Mogami 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Mikuma 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Suzuya 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Kumano 

sphere Takao-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Takao 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Atago 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Maya 

sphere Heavy Cruiser Chokai 

sphere Furutaka-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Furutaka
sphere Heavy Cruiser Kako

sphere Aoba-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Aoba
sphere Heavy Cruiser Kinugasa

sphere Myoko-class
sphere Heavy Cruiser Myoko
sphere Heavy Cruiser Nachi
sphere Heavy Cruiser Haguro
sphere Heavy Cruiser Ashigara

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