The Timeline of warships

The timeline of warships


I think it is fascinating to read the life of ships in general. Since they were designed, built and joined operations, many events happened. However, reading the paragraphs as a report can also be hard. Therefore, I have been considering a new way to represent this information, with a more visual approach.


This method is called timeline. It is, of course, not new method to represent historical events. But I wish to apply it in particular to the time events related to the ship’s life, since they were built to the last operative moment in the navies.


The project itself should also combined pictures and sounds with the text that is shown in each time moment. However, this task is quite time consuming, and first I will focus on basic timelines with paragraphs and progressively I will be adding more multi-media effects when available.


The main target will be the Imperial Japanese Navy, but soon I would like to extend the project to other famous navies and historical events in general.

I hope you enjoy the timeline section as I do when I create it.


Current available timelines of warships in Remorika:




▽Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)


sphere The organization of the JMSDF



sphere The Regional District Forces



sphere Helicopter Destroyers DDH



sphere Guided Missile destroyers DDG



sphere Destroyers DD



sphere Tank Landing Ships LST



sphere Submarines SS



sphere Support and Auxiliary ships



sphere The aviation of the JMSDF



sphere Naval landing forces of the JMSDF



sphere Future projects of the JMSDF



sphere The strategy of the JMSDF



sphere News & manoeuvres


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: European Theater


sphere Unconditional Surrender



sphere The Supreme commander


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