Thunder in the East TitE Frank Chadwick’s ETO series

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Thunder in the East Frank Chadwick’s ETO series


Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa


Thunder in the East TitE is a new creation of Frank Chadwick for his promising ETO series. Although it is still under development, the designer has offered an Open Beta playtest using Vassal. The downloaded version seems quite big, more than 200 MB but it is worthy to try it. This game reflects the Russian Front from 1941-1944 and it is an evolution from earlier version of Battle of Moscow from 1986.

This game seems to be inspired by No retreat, some counters, events and map style remind that flavor. I guess that the final aim of Frank Chadwick will be to developed an integrated system of major campaigns to have a global representation of WWII. I hope so too!


See more details here:

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