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D-Day Operation Overlord 1:76 Diorama Plastic Models Airfix


D-Day Overlord operation diorama at 1/72 scale from Airfix.

D-Day Overlord operation diorama at 1/72 scale from Airfix.


Almost all model kits manufacturers are trying to attract costumers and offering imaginative combos and ideas to ensure better sells. This is the case of Airfix which has released some interesting model kits at 1/76 or 1/72 reflecting key historical moments of the Second World War. One of them is the D-Day or Overlord operation diorama at 1/76 scale:

Early on the morning of June 6th 1944 the combined forces of the Allied armies landed on the Normandy beaches in Northern France in the most ambitious and important operation of the Second World War. With airborne troops already on the ground and fighting, the sea-borne element of the force began landing. This phase of the operation was codenamed Neptune and consisted of five invasion beaches, three British and Canadian (Sword, Gold and Juno) and two American beaches (Omaha and Utah). The landings themselves were preceded both by a powerful air attack and by a fierce naval artillery barrage from a vast armada of ships anchored off-shore. The majority of the beaches were taken with casualties, but no severe losses, except for Omaha where the American troops were pinned down after the naval bombardment failed to destroy the German defenses. But even this obstacle was overcome and once the beach-heads were secure, Allied troops and equipment were quickly brought ashore, ready to continue on and liberate the occupied countries of Western Europe and ultimately to defeat Germany and win the war. This collection comes from the Normandy beach-head, with tanks, landing craft, trucks, a gun emplacement, soldiers and a diorama base to enable you to recreate this momentous day.


Key features:

  • 1:72nd Scale Military Diorama Plastic Model Gift Set
  • Skill Level: 2
  • Number of Parts: 410
  • This kits contains all the paints, glue and brushes necessary to complete this kit
  • Comes with Humbrol Paints, Glue and Brushes
  • 1:76 scale plastic scale model kit
  • Skill level: 2 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeler)
  • Number of parts: 410

Another items at 1/76 or 1/72 that can nicely complement this diorama would be:

1:76 BattleFront Set  US Army versus German Army

Depicting a scene that is typical of the many meetings of opposing forces in the battles of Northern Europe in 1944, this set contains a Sherman and Tiger Tank, British Paratroops and German Infantry, a Forward Command Post and base to set everything out on. Contents, Battlefield Diorama Base, Sherman Tank Model Kit, WWII British Paratroops, Tiger Tank Model Kit, WWII German Infantry, Forward Command Post, 8x Acrylic Paints, Glue and 2x Brushes.



  • 1:76 Scale plastic model kit
  • Skill level 3 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller)
  • Construction and painting required: Yes, glue, paints and brushes included.


D-Day Sea Assault Gift Set (1:72 Scale)

Thousands of allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France in June 1944. This set allows for a diorama of the beach landings to be created with the two landing craft, soldier figures, bespoke base and jeep.


  • 1:72 scale plastic scale model kit. Includes glue, brush(es) and acrylic paints
  • Skill level: 2 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeler)
  • Number of parts: 179

D-Day Coastal Defence Fort 1:72 Plastic Model Kit

Forts like this, found all along the northern French coast, formed an integral part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, a ring around what he described as fortress Europe. The immensely powerful guns in the defences were designed to defeat Allied shipping and seriously disrupt any invasion plans.


  • 1:72nd Plastic Model Kits
  • Skill Level 1
  • Number of parts: 30
  • Construction and painting required: yes, glue and paints need to be purchased separately

D-Day Gun Emplacement Model Kit (1:72 Scale)

Gun emplacements along the Atlantic coast of France were seen by the Nazis as a key way to keep any allied invasion at bay. This is a classic design.


  • 1:72 scale plastic scale model kit
  • Skill level: 1 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeler)
  • Number of parts: 16

WWII US Paratroops Model Building Kit, 1:72 Scale

1:72 Scale WWII German Infantry Figures Classic Kit Series

Restaurant Ruin 1:72 Diorama Resin Undecorated Model

Bunker & Accessories 1:72 Plastic Kit

Tiger I Tank 1:76 Scale Series 1 Plastic Model Kit by Airfix


Classic Conflict King Tiger, Cromwell Mk.IV Gift Set (1:76 Scale)

New to the battlefields of 1944 both these types brought major advantages to both sides. The agility of the Cromwell vs the sheer power of the King Tiger. Eventually numbers, reliability, raw materials, skill and courage won the day for the Allies.

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