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Top List Luftwaffe decals 1/72 scale


Decals WW2 Luftwaffe 1/72

Decals WW2 Luftwaffe 1/72


Luftwaffe decals at 1/72 scale is a comprehensive list of all available (or mostly) decals for your built WW2 German aircrafts.  Sometimes, you may wish to paint or decorate an aircraft not with the default decals but with that exact squadron camo or unit you saw in a historical photo. The additional decals of WW2 Luftwaffe at 1/72 scale allows this work for many colors and size for serial numbers and letters (1/72 scale Luftwaffe decals):

WW2 Luftwaffe Serial Letters Green 15 mm (1/72 decals) 



Luftwaffe WW2 Night Fighter Grey Code Letters & Numbers 7.5mm – 9mm (1/72 decals)

WW2 Luftwaffe Serial Letters, White 15 mm (1/72 decals) 


Luftwaffe WW2 Serial Letters & Numbers, Black 2mm – 7mm (1/72 decals)



WW2 Luftwaffe Outline Serial Letters, Black 9 mm, 10.5 mm, 11 mm (1/72 decals)



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