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This submarine was assigned the project number S22 and the objective was only to serve as a prototype for this particular class of submarines. The prototype was also named as Kaidai I, I-51, and was basically developed by following  World War I designs of German submarines. We note that Japan joined Britain and USA against Germany during the First World War and consequently was one the winner side.

submarine japanese I-51 kaidan I

The Imperial Japanese Navy Submarine I-51 Kaidan I in 1924, after being completed sailing during late evening near Kure.

Japan as victorious power received some pacific colonies from Germany as well as war compensations. Moreover, it also received some submarines which were used to develop the technologies and research on the submarine warfare. The submarine warfare had not been explored too much by the Imperial Japanese Navy  since Japan abandoned the French Navy school or doctrine to follow the British one early XX century. Coming back to our main purpose, which is the submarine I-51, we can say that she was completed  8 years after the first war world ended, in 1924. New engines were added in 1932. Before the pacific war started, she was declared obsolete and was scrapped in 1941. Therefore, the submarine I-51 had a peaceful life since was never involved in real combat.


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