Type KD2 (I-152) Kaidai II type

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This class also had only one unit although two units were project. The unit no. 51 and the unit no. 64. The project number was assigned as S25. The only one Kaidai II that was constructed was named I-152 and conceptually was envisioned as a part of the Eight-Eight Fleet Program (八八艦隊 Hachihachi Kantai). This plan was based on a strategy for the development and progress of the Imperial Navy during the first 25 years of the XX century. In this strategy, the imperial Japanese navy should consists of at least  eight first-class battleships and eight cruisers or battle-cruisers. Although the role of submarines were not central, they were thought as supportive tools for the main force.Note that current JMSDF strategy is also related to that one because it requires 8×8 system with 8 Guided Missile Destroyers carrying 8 helicopters for anti-submarine warfare.



IJN submarine I-152

The Imperial Japanese navy submarin I-152 in 1934.


The I-152 (ex-I-52) was constructed in Kure, laid down in 1922, launched on 12 June 1923, and completed in 1924. She was used as a training vessel until even the Pacific War, in the middle of 1942, then struck from service. She was decommissioned on 1 August 1942 and scrapped during the post-war in 1946. The other planned unit, No. 64 was planned to be constructed in Kure Naval Arsena too.


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