Type KD3a (4 units) Kaidai IIIa type

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TThe Japanese submarine Type KD3a Kaidai IIIa was closely related to the Kadaoi IIIb. The project was assigned the number
S26 (Kaidai IIIa). In both classes, 9 submarines were completed, only three of them completed for the class Kaidai IIIs. These submarines were based on earlier designs, but at the same time they have a strengthened hull.

Out of the three Kaidai IIIa, all of them survived the war. one possible reason for that is that they spent much of their time traat port or as working as training vessels. After the end of World War II, they were scuttled or scrapped short. The I-153, was laid down om 1 April 1924 as Submarine No. 64, renamed I-53 on 1 November 1924 and sank Dutch merchant ship Mösi on 27 February 1942.She also Sank RMS City of Manchester on 28 February 1942 and the unknown merchant vessel on 27 February 1942. She was decommissioned on 20 November 1945 and scrapped in 1948. The I-154 15, laid down November 1924 as I-54, sank Dutch merchant ship Majokaat on 2 March 1942, decommissioned on 20 November 1945 and disposed of at Iyo-nada in May 1946.

submarine japanese i-1555

The Japanese submarine I-155

The I-155, as of 1 April 1924, was renamed as as I-55. She sank Dutch merchant-man Van Lansberge on 4 February 1942, sank Dutch merchant ship Van Cloon on 7 February 1942, sank RMS Derrymore on 14 February 1942, sank Norwegian merchant vessel Madrono on 18 February 1942, decommissioned on 20 November 1945, disposed of at Iyo-nada in May 1946.

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