USE: Combination of Corps to the ground combat?

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This is one of my current ideas: The addition of Corps size units to the USE game. I do not know the effects on the game itself. Currently, it is very well-balanced and tested so that modifications could lead to non-desire effects.

One of the possible ways to introduce this feature would be by having an extra chart so that we can add the corps there but still keeping only one army unit on the map. For example, 6th German Army, famous in Stalingrad Battle could be composed of three Corps, each of them would represent one step strength. Therefore, in each combat on army could reduced the strength of the Amy one step (1/3) instead of the current 1/2 (reduced unit by half). Because in USE each unit has an Army number, which is the same as historically used by the Armies, it would be easy to identify in the chart which army has 2 or 3 corps.

Normal Unit (3 corps): This unit uses combat table as it is.

Severely Reduced unit (1 corps): This unit uses the combat table with a DRM (Dice Roll Modifier) of -2. The same as in the original game when the unit is reduced at 1/2 strength.

Moderately reduced unit (2 corps): This unit uses the combat table with a DRM of -1. This unit remains at 2/3 strength.

As I said, I have not tried it yet, but I would like to do so. One of the interesting aspects of this, and that can add much flavor to the game is that you can have the historical IDs of the corps annotated in the extra chart that manages the Army corps. In addition, it still keeps the low density of counters on the map. Of course, Panzer armies would have armoured corps instead of infantry corps so all seems consistent. I would be glad to read your comments on these ideas. Hope you enjoy reading and exploring the game with the imagination as I like to do it!

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