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The USE Map.

The USE Map.

The sequence of Play in USE is not complicated either. If you play some small scenario you can even skip most of the steps because they involve strategic movement, or economy phase that are only used in longer scenarios or in the full campaign game.

1) Weather phase: In this phase the weather is determined by the Axis player playing dice. This is a feature that I particularly like: the fact that the weather is random but at the same time has some bias in the probability depending on the season. It can give big surprises because the weather can affect negatively offensives or stop them completely. The combat resolution card has a large dependence on the weather result.


2) Declare War Phase

3) Economy Phase

4) Strategic War Phase

5) Strategic movement Phase

6) Operations Phase: This is the fundamental phase, in which the combined movement and attack sequence is played.

7) No supply Phase

8) Replacement Phase

9) Upgrade Phase

10) Mobilization Phase

11) Diplomacy Phase

12) Victory Check Phase

13) End of Turn Phase

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