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I could finally find time to write about War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition, which is surely the most complex, dense and accurate computer simulation on the entire world war two, in the pacific theater. It is hard to explain this game in one, two or even 50 pages!. The manual contains hundreds of pages and only by playing the game you can capture the details of the mechanics.


I was first a board game player, because at that time there were no computers or and  the games that appeared did not offered detailed wargames. The  problem with boardgames is that you have to play against yourself, in solitaire mode because it is unlikely you can match your available times with those from your friends. And even so, your friends may not be interested in the game. So when computers games were made more realistic, I started trying and enjoying them. Playing a computer game you can:


  • Safe time because you do not need to prepare setup
  • Play anytime because you do not need opponent
  • Play against AI so you do not need to play solitaire

Of course, you still have drawbacks:


  • Playing a computer game your vision is restricted to the screen and you need to scroll down etc
  • In board game, you can easily inspect the entire map
  • The variety of board games is immense
  • The mechanics, and hoe the AI computes the results of combat is not so obvious
  • In board games, you really know details on how and why this unit was reduced. This is much more obscure in PC games

Said that, I would like to focus on this section on War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition (AE).

This game can be played from december 1941 to 1945 or 1946. Each turn can represent one day in the simulation. Because you can control each plane, each pilot, each type of resources, each ship etc, you can easily imagine that playing a single turn(day) may take few hours!, so multiplying each turn time by 365 days (a year) and by 4 or 5 (the total number of years) you can know how much time you need to complete a campaign. I really want to play a full campaign but the amount of time is intimidating. That is one of the main reasons that I explored other board games such as the Empire of the Sun (EoTS), which I am also reviewing in detail here in Remorika because it allows you to play the entire campaign in an extended weekend. Of course, you loose a lot of tactical and operational flavor but it is a good deal.

I really recommend you to purchase this game if you are an enthusiast like me of strategy games and pacific war theater.

See the Battle of the Coral sea here

Gary Grigsby’s War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition


▽ Imperial Japanese Navy – Nihon Kaigun


sphere Nihon Kaigun organization



sphere Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy 



sphere Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Heavy Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Light Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Auxiliary Ships



sphere The Time Line of ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy



sphere Naval Air Groups



sphere Naval Landing Forces 1928-1945



sphere Secret Weapons of the IJN



sphere Strategic Plans of the IJN


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: Pacific Theater


sphere War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition



sphere The Empire of the Sun (2nd Ed.)



sphere Pacific War



sphere Pacific War (2nd Ed.)

▽Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)


sphere The organization of the JMSDF



sphere The Regional District Forces



sphere Helicopter Destroyers DDH



sphere Guided Missile destroyers DDG



sphere Destroyers DD



sphere Tank Landing Ships LST



sphere Submarines SS



sphere Support and Auxiliary ships



sphere The aviation of the JMSDF



sphere Naval landing forces of the JMSDF



sphere Future projects of the JMSDF



sphere The strategy of the JMSDF



sphere News & manoeuvres


▽ Simulations & Wargames

▽ World War II: European Theater


sphere Unconditional Surrender



sphere The Supreme commander


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