Wargame counters corner rounder punch cutter and tweezers

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Wargame counters corner rounder punch cutter and tweezers


One of the most enjoyable feelings of playing a physical wargame instead of a computer-based strategy game is the good-looking of counters and maps. However, one of the problems you may often find in your games is that the counters, after being punched, may show some kind of irregular shapes in the four corners. In order to make them identical it is necessary to use some tools. In particular, some wargamers like to have the corners specifically rounded using some punch cutters. Although there are several types of punch cutters in the market, we have our favorite one, which is shown below:


Radius Deluxe Wargame Counter Corner Punch Cutter Rounder (2mm)


key features:

  • Has large steel cutting blade to reduce user effort
  • Has extra wide steel side guides making positioning easy
  • Capable of punching up to 75 mil PVC cards
  • Flat bottom design allows user to rest this tool on a surface during use
  • Authentic Oregon Laminations Premium products are only available from Oregon Laminations Company

This specific heavy duty 2mm radius hand held corner rounding punch weighs under 14 ounces & cuts up to approx 5/64″ thick (75 mils) paper, PVC cards or laminated paper material. This punch large steel cutting blade and extra wide side guides to make seating your sheet very simple. This is the deluxe tool of choice for many game counter clipping users. The tiny radius takes just enough off to remove sharp corners without disturbing printed info.

Bent Tip Lighted Tweezers


In addition, you also need to move the counters in the map as long as the game progresses. The fingers may be too thick to do this task, in particular when you have high dense area of counters with several stacks. In order to assist with this problem, some wargamers use some tweezers. As with the corner punch cutter, there are several types of tweezers. The one we usually use has a specific bent tip and have a light emitting diode which makes them useful to illuminate specific parts of the map or visualize easily the digits and letters written on the counters.


These tweezers are a special kind of tool with a serrated bent tip. Non slip cushion grip. Built in bright White light emitting diode. Corrosion resistant Black finish. Heat treated steel. Carded. Length: 1. Width: 2.75. Height: 10.5


Tweezers with light emitting diode

Tweezers with light emitting diode

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