Waterline model ships with ocean diorama

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Ocean Diorama: Water line model warships with water effects


The ocean diorama with model ships is an increasingly popular  type of model kits. The collection of ships is also increasing and expanding every year, specially the Imperial Japanese Navy and the US Navy. The ship model kits collections with water line displayed in ocean diorama (fake water) (instead of full hull) have gained popularity through the years and the number of model warships as well as model warships galleries showed in internet at scale 1/700 have not stop growing. Tamiya models, Aoshima models, Fujimi models and Hasegawa models are among the top manufactures of waterline series for the Imperial Japanese Navy (Nihon Kaigun). These plastic model ship kits still need to be built and also need to be painted. However, this is one of the interesting parts of this hobby.


 Ocean diorama techniques


The collection is very huge and all the ships that participated or were commissioned in the Pacific War has been produced by Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima and Hasegawa modes. In previous months we collected all the model ships corresponding to the Imperial Japanese Navy, including Carriers model kits, model battleships and model cruisers and reported about them here in remorika. See details for example in the following pages.

sphere Waterline series 1/700 Imperial Japanese Navy IJN

sphere Waterline series IJN Carriers

sphere Waterline series IJN Battleships

sphere Waterline series IJN Heavy Cruisers

The full collection of 1/700 for the Imperial Japanese Navy can also be found in the following WATER LINE SERIES GUIDE BOOK IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY SHIPS REVISED EDITION (japan import) edited by Tamiya.

Today we focus on an important part of the hobby. The composition, construction and display of the water line model ships using ocean diorama. This means that we need to be able to simulate water effects or at least know how to make fake water for a diorama. Then, we can display the waterline model warships on this simulated water-ocean.

See an example of ocean for diorama in this 1/700 Ocean Liner Kasugamaru (Plastic model) made by Aoshima 1/700 Water Line series:

The creation of fake water or simulated ocean diorama was a complicated task in the past. It was common to use papers, thick plastic, and use common paintings to alter the texture and colors, including simulating the foam, which was very difficult.

Nowadays, it is easier to simulate ocean diorama including the foam! The secret is in a new and range of high density gels, waterbased and transparent, which can be applied with a brush, spatula and any other tool to render textures of water. But not only water, because they can indeed render other complex textures such as ice, snow, grave pavement and soil. All the colors can be mixed with one another, with transparent Water, or with any other shade in the Model Color, Game Color or Model Air range. The time needed for drying time of course will be a function of the thickness of the application. The humidity in the atmosphere can also be a factor. In principle, the time necessary can change from 45 minutes to hours or even days if applied very thickly. Another striking advantage is that the tools used for the construction as well as the working area you have used can be cleaned up simply with water. All the gels can be purchased from Amazon. Water Effects is available in a transparent gel and in 3 colors formulated with permanent pigments. On the other hand, additional variations in tonality can be achieved by blending the products with low viscosity colors like Model Air or with the Game Color Inks. The final effect also depends on the color of the ground.

Ocean Diorama tools


See some examples of the items we are describing for ocean diorama are as follows:

sphere Vallejo Val26204 Water Effects – Atlantic Blue 200Ml Model Making / Railways Boats

sphere The Vallejo Foam/Snow, 32ml, is unique to simulate foam.


sphere Now, not only from Vallejo, but also from Tamiya, we have a unique gel that can simulate Diorama Texture Paint (Snow Effect). It can be ideal for Russian Winter in WW2.

sphere Tamiya only only offers snow, also pavement effect to simulate roads, streets and cities. This Diorama Texture Paint Gray Pavement Effect is very suitable for environments with ground troops, airports, ports and airbases.

sphere Finally, we still have one type of gel for simulating soil. This brown type gel is ideal for Diorama Texture Paint Soil – Brown in which we can display tanks, soldiers and many other equipment to develop our own diorama.

We hope they can be useful for model warships and plastic model kits in general when simulating ocean diorama or any ground forces in nature and cities.


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